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Gifts in the Garden

Now showing at Westland Gallery


This collection is based upon the lore of crows befriending humans who have shown them kindness. Crows have been known to bring gifts of gratitude and as tokens of their friendship to people who pay close attention to them, feed them, or who might have even rescued them. Each piece in this series depicts a different delivery - from a skeleton key to a coin, a necklace to unique buttons, and more. The series is on display at the Westland Gallery until September 17th. 

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"The Friendship Key"  |  12"x18"  |  Sold


"The Duffers in the Daffodils"  |  12"x18"  |  Sold


"Crow in the Catalpa"  |  18"x12"  |  Sold


"Coin in the Crabapple"  |  18"x12"  |  Sold


"Gift in the Lupin Garden"  |  12"x18"  |  Available at the Westland Gallery 


"Amongst the Moon Lilies"  |  12"x18"  |  Available at the Westland Gallery 

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