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Artist Statement

Using a combination of artistic methods, I create vibrant botanical three-dimensional works. I colour yupo paper for the base of my work using alcohol ink - here I revel in the opportunity to play with colours, shades, textures and movement. Once I have a concept for a piece, I lay the base by making a rough collage out of the inked paper to create the primary image. Next, I paper quill, a technique of bending, folding and manipulating paper, to transform the work into its completed composition. The quilling process is a highly intuitive process for me, as my finished works are usually quite different than I originally planned or envisioned. 


I enjoy playing with colour and blurring the lines between abstract and figurative art.  My earliest memories of viewing art as a child are of being told to back up, view each piece from a distance, and to take it in as a whole. But, for those like myself who enjoy getting lost in the small details, I encourage the contrary. Take a step closer, enjoy each carefully placed piece of paper, each playfully inked layer, to discover your own source of joy from the delicate maze within subject.

Artist Bio

Hattie Benjamin is a London, Ontario artist who specializes in Paper Quilling. Raised on a rural Ontario farm, Hattie acquired a love and appreciation for nature at a very early age. As a self taught artist, Hattie worked with several different mediums before developing her own unique style of quilling over alcohol ink collages. Through the quilling process of bending, folding, and manipulating tiny pieces of paper, Hattie creates vibrant nature-inspired works that she has recently begun to show at local art galleries.

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